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Lead Generated Call Script
This is a script written for somebody who has purchased leads. It can be modified for any kind of a lead
by just changing the introduction line. For instance, if you get a referral from a friend, you would say,
“I’m calling you because a friend of yours (name) gave me your contact information as someone who
would be interested in a business working from home. Are you still looking for that business?”
then continue with the script.

This script is more of a guideline. People may not respond exactly as planned, so be personal
and stay on track
using whatever feels comfortable to you. The words are color coded.
If everything is positive and moving forward, continue reading the black words.
If you get a “no”, read the words in red. The blue words are directions.

Hello, this is ____, may I speak with _____.

May I call you [first name]?

Great, I’m with a company called Ambit Energy, and I’m calling you because you left your contact information at my website requesting information about a business you could work from home. Are you still looking for that business?

If No: OK. Would you know of anybody who is?
Can I get their contact information and give them a call?
  If Yes: Do you have some time we can talk about it right now?
  If Yes: Continue
  If No: Set appointment to get back with them

Okay, I know we don’t know each other and I don’t want to waste your time, or mine either, for that matter. So, may I ask you a few questions to see if there is a fit between what you are looking for and what my company has to offer?

You know, _____, in order to make any significant money with this company, you would need to be able to put in a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a week, including some weekends. If you really like this business, would that fit within your schedule?

If Yes: Continue
  If No: May I ask why?
    If you cannot overcome the objection, disqualify them by saying, “Based on what I’m hearing you say, this business is probably not right for you at this time. But I thank you for your time and courtesy. Do you have any questions before I go?”
    If No: Say goodbye.

Now, _____, there is no selling of any kind with this company, but we do need to meet and talk to new people. Do you like to meet and talk to people?

If Yes: Continue
  If No: May I ask why?
    If you cannot overcome the objection, disqualify them by saying, “Based on what I’m hearing you say, this business is probably not right for you at this time. But I thank you for your time and courtesy. Do you have any questions before I go?”
    If No: Say goodbye.

_____, if you saw the business you were looking for and you knew it was a perfect fit for you, how soon would you be ready to get started?

If they say anything other than, right now, right away, etc. you say:
  May I ask why?
    If you cannot overcome the objection, disqualify them by saying, “Based on what I’m hearing you say, this business is probably not right for you at this time. But I thank you for your time and courtesy. Do you have any questions before I go?”
    If No: Say goodbye.
  If they say, right away, right now, etc.:
Okay, that’s great. You sound like someone I would probably like to partner with in business, but I’m not 100 percent sure, so I’d like to explore this further with you. May I make a suggestion? If you have an additional 5 or 6 minutes right now, I can give you a brief overview of my company. And if afterwards you feel like this is a fit for you, we can talk about the next step. Is that fair enough?

If Yes: go to the 5 minute presentation
  If No: Ask them if they would like to get together at another time to hear the overview of your company.
"5 Minute Presentation"
As I mentioned, I work with a company called Ambit Energy and because of the deregulation of the utility companies, we are able to help people save money on their electric and natural gas bills. And because of deregulation, now people have a choice on who supplies their energy. Ambit energy is a Retail Energy Provider, which means we are able to purchase energy at wholesale prices and, because we don’t have the overhead of the big companies, or the expenses of advertising, we are able to provide the energy to the consumer at much lower prices. Now, _____, when evaluating a business there are four key factors to look for, they are: Timing, Marketplace Demand, a Consumable product and the Ability to leverage your time. Ambit energy has proven to have the best of all four of these factors. So, if you were looking at a business, would those things be important to you?

Okay, let me tell you a little about our service. Power, like electricity and natural gas, is a public service that is habitually used and unconsciously purchased. When we have a home, the house payment or rent, and the utility bills are the necessities. And, people will pay their house payment and utility bills before anything else that is not a necessity. Would you agree? So, it’s easy to see that we have great stability because of the marketplace demand for such a consumable product. Ambit gets its energy from a combination of wind, solar, hydro and generated power. We even have Green Energy available and there is no cost to the customer to try Ambit Energy as their supplier. Everything stays the same, except the energy supply comes from Ambit and it’s less expensive. For example, many people in Texas are enjoying up to 30 percent savings on their electric bills. Let me ask you this, ____ does that sound like a marketable service to you?

Another thing that really impressed me about Ambit Energy is how we make money with this company. It’s called referral marketing and most people do referral marketing all the time, let me explain. Have you ever referred someone to a great movie or a good restaurant and they went there and enjoyed it? Well did the Restaurant or move theater ever send you a thank you check for that referral? NO, but that would be nice wouldn’t it? Well, when you refer people to Ambit Energy and they become customers, you get paid a residual income from their power usage for as long as they are customers with Ambit Energy. And, the more power they use, the more you get paid. Another way you make money is when you refer people to the Ambit business venture and they join and start to gather customers, you are paid on their efforts as well. So by simply referring people to Ambit Energy who want to save money on their utility bill and by referring people to the Ambit business venture who would like to make some extra money working from home, ______, can you see how this would be a fun and easy way to create an additional income stream?

Even though it is that fun and easy, we wouldn’t ask you to do it without some training. Ambit energy has one of the finest training and support programs already in place.
If you are willing to follow this training program, you would have every advantage to be successful in this business. Let me ask you; do you feel like you are teachable and coach-able? Then you might be happy to know that if you were to join me in this business, I would be here to walk you through your training and give you support whenever you need it. And we would be working directly with leaders in the company who are dedicated to our success. Now, _____, if you knew that you would be working with a team of people who have had a lot of experience and success with this company, would that be comforting to you?

Okay, you may be wondering what it takes to get started with a great company like Ambit Energy. Let me explain. Now, this is a business, and as with any business, there are start up costs and monthly maintenance fees. With Ambit Energy, you can get started for as little as a $399 one-time set-up fee and $24.95 a month for several professional websites that help you market and manage your entire business online. So, by having the one time set-up fee and the low monthly maintenance cost, can you see, _____, how almost anyone can get started with Ambit Energy?

Well, great, that’s my brief overview of the company. Does that give you enough information to make a decision now, or would you like to get together for about 30 minutes to learn about the whole program?

If they choose to see the whole program, then get them on a thirty minute business call:

Okay, well the next time I have available to get together with you is Monday night at 10 pm Eastern Time (or the next conference time). Would you have about 30 minutes at that time to get together on a call with me and listen to some of the leaders explain this business in more detail?

If No: Would Wednesday night (or next conference call) work better for you?
  If Yes: Schedule that time and tell them:
    Grab a pencil and paper and let me give you the information you need to join me on the call. The number is 507-726-3233 and the access code is 51451#

Would it be alright if I give you a reminder call 10 or 15 minutes before it starts?

Okay, let me give you my direct line so if you have any questions before or after the call, you can contact me at any time. [give your phone number and email address]

Okay, this has been great talking with you. Do you have any questions before I go?

Okay, then you can expect a call from me about 10 minutes before 10 on Monday evening (or your scheduled time). Talk to you then. Bye for now.

Added Note:
When you call them back 10 minutes before the conference call starts, say to them:

Hello, ____, I appreciate you being here with me and being ready to be on the call tonight. May I make a suggestion? I can three-way us into the call tonight and when the call is over, you and I can talk for a few minutes. Would that work for you?
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